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About Francesca

A bit about Francesca ... 

After 10 year of being a Thrive Life representative I have retired from the business.  If you would love a good representative I suggest my dear friend Marilee Lonsberg. You can find here here at Thrive Life, or feel free to call her at 608-778-1942. Email her at mlonsberg@hotmail.com.

My earliest memory has to do with cooking, me cooking.  I was around three years old.  I climbed out of bed in the middle of the night, went downstairs to the kitchen and started cooking.  I melted butter in a metal measuring cup on the radiator.  I cracked eggs and actually got one into the tea kettle.  I know there was flour and sugar involved.  I know all of this because after I decided I was too tired to cook anymore I went back to bed and was rudely awakened by a screaming mother telling me all the things I used during my midnight cooking session. To this day I don’t understand why she wasn’t impressed by my efforts! Big Grin!

I’m the oldest of nine children and often had to do the cooking and create something out of very little. As much as I now love gourmet cooking I still completely enjoy going into the pantry and refrigerator and “inventing” something out of nothing. My youngest son, for some reason, always has to have a name for his food.  So I always have to create a name, usually something not very clever then just add Ala Francesca to the end of it and figure that should be good enough!

When I was 19 years old I ended up taking custody of 5 of my siblings.  That was my first smack in the face that food storage IS a necessity in life.  But I was young and did not make it a priority.

My career, oddly enough, has nothing to do with food.  I’ve been a computer programmer and Senior Systems Analyst for many many (too) many years.  I have a head for math, and numbers just fascinate me. I love the logic and the structure to take many different parts and make it all fit together and useful for multiple outcomes. I love to gather all the details, calculate possible uses and problems then make it work. My job means that the people who use my end products never have a clue what goes into it, to get out of it what seems simple to them.  I don’t mind that at all.  It’s actually the same with cooking.  Most don’t understand what make Osso Buco so delicious and what goes into making a perfect risotto! 

Or how do you actually make beautiful Venetian Seven Layer Cookies  and not pull your hair out?  

As long as they enjoy the end result I am happy!

Along the way I did take many cooking courses and am a certified chocolatier.  
These are two of my hollow chocolate creations.   


Present day brings me to knowing I need to make food storage a priority.  I have a very strong feeling about it.  So I approached this with the same logic and research and testing as I do everything else.  That is how I found Shelf Reliance, now Thrive Life, and Thrive freeze dried foods.

I determined my budget and bought a variety of Thrive foods, and let them sit.  That was silly looking back on it now. Just letting it sit? This was before Shelf Reliance had home parties and consultants to enable us to see and taste the foods.

About a year later I decided to buy a rotation shelf and get my food out of the boxes and onto a shelf to free up some storage space. A girlfriend mentioned she was having a home party and I could get a discount on my shelf.  When I found out how BIG the discount was I waited, impatiently, for her party.

I have to admit I barely listened to the consultants demo; I wasn’t interested in what she had to say as I had already done all my research. But then … I got to TASTE the food I had sitting in boxes!  When I had the Chicken Salad made with freeze dried chicken, onions and celery I was sold! I would have never known that started out as freeze dried.  I not only bought my shelf but many more food items.

Being the numbers person that I am, when I heard about the consultant program I very quickly realized that if I became a consultant and I was my own customer and I had my own party I could order from my party the food I was going to buy anyway and that I would save me $$$.  I was excited!

Things just snowballed from there.  I started with totally selfish reasons of just taking care of my family and it quickly grew into me teaching and cooking for others so they could learn about these wonderful products and help their families become more prepared and less dependent upon the grocery stores!

The more we can save money, feed our families nutritious food, prepare ourselves and our friends and neighbors the better off we ALL are. That too makes me happy!

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  1. Do you sell just a can or two of the fruit and/or vegetables? My sister is a vegan and her birthday is coming up and I thought of her with this product. My e-mail is bgorden@sbcglobal.net Thank you


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