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Monday, December 8, 2014

December is speical to me for many reasons...

This year I decided to give back to my friends and customers with a heartfelt offer of my own.

This December is my four-year anniversary with Thrive Life and I have to say I still love it! When I first signed up as a consultant, it was just so I could be my own customer. I was building up my own Home Store, why not earn commission and free food on what I was going to purchase anyway?

As my Home Store grew and I was sharing recipes with family and friends I becaome the "go to" person for their Thrive needs.  This little independent consultant business of mine turned into a great part-time job! I ended up with income and a lot of free food, water storage, and emergency supplies.

I took the next step and actively began the process to grown my business, still part-time, as I was working full-time as a Senior Systems Analyst for an international company. I am happy to share with you that as of July 2014 I was able to quit my full-time (stable, yet boring) job and continue my Thrive-ing Business full-time. In my old job, no matter how hard I worked or how many hours per day I worked, I was still locked into a stagnant and limited income. I decided I never wanted to be in a limited income job again.

More importantly, working with Thrive Life I have never been happier! I love the food, I love the company,  I have meet so many wonderful people, and I've had so many great new experiences that I truly feel blessed in this endeavor. 

Without going on much longer, I want to give back and give all of my friends and customers a chance to have their own business! As a special Anniversary Bonus, I would like to give $50 to any new consultant, signing up under me, during the month of December.

More than just working from home, earning income and free food, consider some of these reasons for having your own Thrive business:
  • Minimal investment
  • Work your own hours
  • No deliveries to make
  • No minimum sales quotes
  • No minimum party/demo requirements
  • Plenty of on-line training, company support, team support.
  • Plenty of training, support & guidance from your sponsor (that’s me!)
  • Your business your way, meaning it can be part-time or you can grow your business into full-time income.

If you are interested or just want more details you can text, call or email me. Francesca, 805-813-1265, MyThriveChef@gmail.com

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Would you like to see just how Quick and Easy Thirve foods are? 

Check out these example. 

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Francesca Hutchinson
Silver Executive
Independent Thrive Life Consultant
Email: MyThriveChef@gmail.com
Shop: ThriveStore.com
Phone: 805-813-1265      

I do find it very enjoyable to walk into My Home Store and think of all the possibilities I have in creating enjoyable meals for myself and my family. I’m hoping the more of the Thrive products you add to your Home Store give you a similar pleasure in being able to make fast, health and good tasting meals for your family.

The more we can save money while feeding our families nutritious food; prepare ourselves, our friends, and our neighbors, the better off we ALL are.

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