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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jump into fall with a Thrive Life!

October is a great time of year! Perfect for so many warm hearty meals. I LOVE making hearty stews, soups, warm quinoa or pasta salads. Hot Apple Sider and fresh Cinnamon Rolls.  The list goes on and on!

Here are some October Thrive Specials to help get you going ....

Instant Pinto Beans - Qpon
Instant Pinto Beans
Q Club: $10.49

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Green Onions (FD)
Green Onions (FD)
$15.49  $12.99
Q Club: $12.39

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Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese (FD)
Monterey Jack Cheese (FD)
$51.99  $43.39
Q Club: $41.59

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Ground Beef FD
Ground Beef (FD)
$58.29  $48.59
Q Club: $46.69

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Tomato Dices (FD)
Tomato Dices (FD)
$39.99  $35.29
Q Club: $33.99

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Hearty Chili with Beans
Hearty Chili with Beans
$9.49  $8.69
Q Club: $8.19

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Seasoned CHicken Slices (FD)
Chicken Slices (FD)
$55.59 $49.09
Q Club: $47.29

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Red Bell Peppers (FD)
Red Bell Peppers (FD)
$36.99 $30.89
Q Club: $29.59

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Peppercorn Seasoning
$8.59 $7.19
Q Club: $6.89

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Taco Soup
Taco Soupsee recipe
Caramel Apple Fritters
Caramel Apple Fritterssee recipe
Wassailsee recipe
THRIVE TIP: Apple Cider
THRIVE TIP: Apple Cider
See something you need? Just give me a call or short me an email.  I'm more than happy to help.

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I do find it very enjoyable to walk into My Home Store and think of all the possibilities I have in creating enjoyable meals for myself and my family. I’m hoping the more of the Thrive products you add to your Home Store give you a similar pleasure in being able to make fast, health and good tasting meals for your family.

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