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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July means Outdoor Foods - and a bit of news.

July Picnic Pack
$104.52  $76.49
Q Club: $73.79

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Get outdoors with THRIVE this month with our July specials! We’re featuring foods that are great for quick and easy outdoor eating, and you'll get an even better discount when you buy them all together in our July Picnic Pack.

Watch how to make trail mix, granola, and soup in a jar with our featured items below, and order today to make your outdoor adventures more memorable with THRIVE.

All of our July specials are not up on the Monthly Specials page.

I have been very neglectful of my blog postings and I intend to rectify that.

For many many years I have been a Systems Analyst and have just decided that I will no longer be doing that full-time and I will be a Full-Time Thrive Chef! I love FOOD, I love helping people and I love sharing my love for Thrive food with everyone.  

I will be creating many more original recipes to share as well as sharing with you other Thrive Chef recipes.  I would LOVE to come and do a Cooking Demo for you and/or have you come here for a Cooking Demo.  

I will have much more time to work one-on-one and in groups with my consultant and am looking for more consultants that would enjoy joining my team an enriching their lives, growing their own business, as well as enriching the lives of others they will touch. I will make sure my team has all the latest news/updates right away.  I will share all the best training tips and resources with them as well as make sure everyone will have access and info about the newest product that will become available from Thrive as they roll out.  I'm just so excited about being able to put all my heart into bringing all the value and benefits of THRIVE to everyone's lives. 

Our family has eaten so much healthier with our nutrient dense fresh foods! I have saved so much time in the kitchen.  My SON can do a lot of cooking he never would try before. And we have saved so much money that you probably would not believe me if I told you how much. Those are just a few of the things I want to share about Thrive. 

If you may be interested in joining this very exciting company and joining my team I would very much love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Send me an email or give me a call, lets talk! If you could just see the grin on my face!  

Francesca Hutchinson
Silver Executive
Independent Thrive Life Consultant
Email: ThriveSisters@gmail.com
Shop: ThriveStore.com
Phone: 805-813-1265      

I do find it very enjoyable to walk into My Home Store and think of all the possibilities I have in creating enjoyable meals for myself and my family. I’m hoping the more of the Thrive products you add to your Home Store give you a similar pleasure in being able to make fast, health and good tasting meals for your family.

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