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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Thrive Q Club Coupon!

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This month Club Members can enjoy our line of in-house developed sauces. Try all our delicious THRIVE Sauces with the THRIVE Sauce Variety Pack. This pack provides you with the four basic mother sauces that are the foundation for virtually an sauce, soup, or filling! Made from the highest quality ingredients to achieve a superior taste experience, THRIVE Sauces are the quick and easy way to turn any dish into a gourmet meal.

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Chicken Fricassee
by Chef Todd Leonard, CEC
Prep time: 35 min
Serves 4
4chicken thighs
4chicken drumsticks
1tbsp. olive oil
1tbsp. garlic
½c. white wine
¼c. THRIVE™ Chopped Onions (FD)
1qt. water
½tbsp. THRIVE™ Chicken Bouillon
½c. THRIVE Velouté sauce, dry
1c. heavy cream
1tbsp. THRIVE™ Chef's Choice Seasoning Blend
½tbsp. THRIVE™ Parsley (FD)
½tbsp. THRIVE™ Chives (FD)
½tbsp. Cholula hot sauce
½tbsp. lemon juice
2tbsp. butter
Season chicken with additional Chef’s Choice blend and allow to sit for 20–30 minutes. Make sure each piece is coated evenly.
Heat oil in a skillet and add chicken; brown on all sides until lightly caramelized. Remove chicken. Add garlic to pan, sweat until light brown, and add white wine and onions. Reduce by half, then add water and chicken bouillon.
Return chicken to pan and cook covered for about 12 minutes. Uncover and cook until about 2 ½ cups liquid remains. Add sauce, stirring chicken to coat evenly. Allow to simmer for about 3 minutes, then fold in cream and simmer another 2–3 minute or until sauce is desired thickness.
Remove chicken and strain sauce through a strainer. Add remaining ingredients and stir well to incorporate. Serve sauce over chicken.

Francesca Hutchinson
Silver Executive
Independent Thrive Life Consultant
Email: ThriveSisters@gmail.com
Phone: 805-813-1265      

I do find it very enjoyable to walk into My Home Store and think of all the possibilities I have in creating enjoyable meals for myself and my family. I’m hoping the more of the Thrive products you add to your Home Store give you a similar pleasure in being able to make fast, health and good tasting meals for your family.

The more we can save money while feeding our families nutritious food; prepare ourselves, our friends, and our neighbors, the better off we ALL are.

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