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Friday, April 19, 2013

Thriving Beef Stew from Chef Todd

The weather were I live has been cold one day and hot the next.  I am not fond of salads on cold days and I don't think about soups or stews on hot days.

It was cold here so I felt like having something rich, warm and satisfying. But, I did not want to shop and spend hours in the kitchen. So of course I thought about Beef Stew! Isn't that the first thing you think about when you don't want to spend much time in the kitchen? Right! Now aren't you envious that I have my own Home Store? Honestly I am extremely grateful I do have my Home Store and I truly wish everybody did!

I would love to help you get started on creating your own Home Store or I can certainly be of help with adding to your existing and filling in the gaps of what you are missing.  I find that a lot, people think they have a good supply on hand but when they think about what they would actually have and what they would make with it they understand how much they really are lacking.

The BEST thing you can do for yourself and your family is to be a Q Club member.  Great Premium Freeze Dried Foods of your choice, delivered to your door, on your schedule and your budget.  It doesn't get easier than that. Plus, all the perks that go along with being a Q Club member.

Q Club ensures that you will always receive special pricing on all Thrive Life products.
Plus: Gifts, Q-pons, Reward Points, Exclusive Products & Exclusive Recipes. The Q points are about a 3% rebate, the Q-pon has an average $4-$5 off party price (HUGE savings).

How I got started on my Q Club was by simply deciding on what I seemed to run out of between grocery shopping trips and what I wasted the most.  Think about those foods you end up throwing in the trash when you clean out your refrigerator.  THAT is the most expensive food you buy; what you pay for but do not eat.

So I reallocated that grocery money to my Q Club grocery home delivery. I saw savings in money and time right away!

I was hooked.  The foods I used were so easy! I mean, what is easier to you? Washing, peeling, chopping, throwing away scraps, storing the rest you aren't using for this recipe and hoping you remember to use it before they go bad ... OR ... Scoop and Pour!  Seriously!

Watch Chef Todd make a very good, quick Beef Stew that is very nutritious for your family. Feel free to substitute any veggies your family likes.

You can set up your own Q Club deliveries HERE. I would be happy to do it for you or assist you.

If you decide to set up a Q Club membership during April, 2013, I will send you a nice sweet gift. It doesn't have to start shipping in April you can start it shipping in May.  Once your first shipment triggers I will send you your gift.

If you have any question just ask!  Better yet, become an Independent Consultant like me and be your own customer! That way you will be saving time and money on your Home Store AND making income as well. See my tab at the top for Join Our Team to read more.

Francesca Hutchinson
Silver Executive
Independent Thrive Life Consultant
Phone: 805-813-1265      

The more we can save money while feeding our families nutritious food, prepare ourselves and our friends and neighbors the better off we ALL are.

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