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Saturday, November 17, 2012

THRIVE Coconut Macaroons for the holidays.

I know it might be early for some of you but we've already had one cookie exchange, I think cookie exchanges are wonderful. This gives me a chance to visit with the ladies and see what everyone creates. My family is ecstatic that I come home with a nice variety of treats. I love cooking and creating interesting foods so I make a point of bringing new recipes to each cookie exchange.  This year I received very short notice for my first cookie exchange and for this one I needed to bring 5 dozen cookies!

Very little notice, little spare time ... humm .. what ingredients do I have on hand?  

PERFECT, I have my supply of Thrive Macaroon Cookie Mix!  


I used the whole can of mix and ended up with 5 1/2 dozen cookies using my (#30 1 oz) ice cream scoop.  I have not shopped for this years holiday "food bling", as my hubby calls it, so I just relied on food coloring.  So in literally 2 minutes,  I had cookies mixed and waiting for the oven.  The mix needs to sit 5 minutes before baking which is perfect as that is while my oven is coming up to temperature.

And I have to tell you the BEST part was there was no flour, sugar, eggs, etc to have to get out and put back away. No measuring spoons, no flour spilled, no egg white dripping, messy egg shells, no running to the store for shredded coconut.  You get the point, clean up was a breeze!

This is just another example of how my family uses THRIVE to save time and save money. 

I could not be happier that I got into using these product and becoming an independent consultant for Shelf Reliance. At first it was only to have some sort of backup of food supply on hand.  When I received my shipment I just left the cans sit in boxes for months before I ever tried any of the items.  

Once I tried some and realized how good they really are, how much TIME it really saves me in the kitchen and how I could use them to save me MONEY on my monthly grocery budget I could not help but tell all my friends.  That's when I decided to become a consultant. Now I have a wonderful side business where I am actually helping people. I can not express to you how good that feels! 

I'm not begging relatives and friends to "buy my candles" or "buy my jewelry", nothing wrong with people that do, that may be their passion.  My passion is food and everybody needs food, so I am helping people with their needs.  That feels great! I'm not pushing a product I'm offering a service.  I offer great customer service and I'm always looking for the best way to save people money. 

I would love to be of service to you with helping you create and stock your own Home Store.  I would love to have you as a consultant on my team.  If you are interested please feel free to contact me.

*** FYI  Black Friday Sale will start VERY soon.  Click here for a preview! Pre-orders are welcome just give me a call. 

Feel free to shop on line through our Thrive Sisters Store and receive our on line Consultant Prices for a major discounts over Shelf Reliance or any other Retail outlet.  Your prices can be found under the Con-Web column.  Go to Thrive Sisters to shop on-line yourself or we may be able to provide better discounts by contacting us directly. 

Francesca Hutchinson
Your Own Walking Talking Coupon
Authorized Independent Shelf Reliance Consultant
Phone:             805-813-1265      
   Store: ThriveStore

The more we can save money while feeding our families nutritious food, prepare ourselves and our friends and neighbors the better off we ALL are!

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