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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sun Oven Cooking with Eden & Ann

Today I would like you to meet Eden Bellenson who, with her mother Ann, are fabulous consultants on my team.  They have a passion for living a THRIVE-ing lifestyle, as you can tell by her tag of MakeURPantryThrive!  We received our Sun Ovens about the same time but they excelled at using theirs before I even got my out of the box.  Please enjoy one of their adventures in Sun Oven cooking.

Sun (Solar) Oven cooking has been front and center of our cooking for the last several months.

The August heat wave and a very high electric bills propelled us to the Sun Oven.  We used our host benefits which made the oven even more affordable.  Plus the oven was an early Christmas present for us.  Upon unwrapping our Christmas-in-August contraption we approached the whole concept as a new adventure.  We followed the instructions, videos and the hints that the Sun Oven company provided and set the oven outside in our driveway on a patio table facing the southwest.  

As we unfolded the reflector panels the thermometer inside the oven shot up to 150F in ~5min and 10min later it was up to 300F.  And soon realized we were needing potholders!!

Seeing it was quickly reaching 350F we decided to put it to the test.  In honor of Julia Child's, our first recipe we tried was a garden veggie quiche using a combination of Thrive foods and tomatoes from our garden.  The Sun Oven cooked the quiche in 30 minutes and tasted even better than the house oven version in the same amount of time.  

We knew then we were hooked!  It's been hard to contain our excitement since and all the advantages of cooking with just the sun (no electricity) and to top it off the end results tasted even better than the conventional ways.  Chicken cacciatore and any subsequent chicken recipe we have tried, the chicken has been so moist, that the it literally falls off the bones!! 

We've learned all you need is a clear day and it does not matter what the air temperature outside is, as long as there is sunlight that oven will cook!  So weather permitting, we hope to cook a turkey and all the trimmings it for the holidays.

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  1. Hi,
    I've been reading about these sun ovens for a long time and have been wondering about the temperature control. If it get hot so quickly what keeps it from getting up to 375-400? I use a crockpot all the time and have the hi and low temps and cooking times down. But without electricity the sun oven would be great-how do you know what's going on in there without babysitting it? Thanks

  2. Great Question! I will be posting many more articles about using my sun oven and I'll include some videos to make things more clear. The heat is different in the sun oven than in your regular oven, no really harsh dry heat from the sides so you do not have to worry about burnt edges. When you are cooking for a longer time you are cooking in a dish with a lid, keeping the moisture in so it does act like a slow cooker and can be left unattended, unattended unless you have to move/redirect your oven towards the sun. If you are baking you will have to bake as in a regular oven and watch the time. The temperature does not keep going off the chart. Here in California winter mine registered 300-325 degrees which was great for slow cooking my chicken casserole all day. If you would like to contact me I'll send you some links to gather more information for yourself. Thanks for reading.


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