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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Shelf Reliance Top Customers Thank You!

I just finished sending out my "Thank You" to my top customers from last year who were interested in receiving a free pantry can of our newest THRIVE products.  It was fun and interesting to me to see what people wanted to try.

I was surprised at the top items chosen.  Here are the top four request items for the "thank you" gifts.

Cooked Diced BEEF
"THRIVE Beef Dices are freeze-dried to lock in the freshness and taste of the premium beef flavor and nutrients. The innovative freeze drying process removes all of the moisture from the prime cuts of meat giving each beef dice a shelf life of up to twenty-five years. By using THRIVE Beef Dices you will save time because you won’t have worry about thawing, trimming, or browning each cut of meat. You can simply toss it into all your favorite meals such as beef stew, stir-fry, stroganoff, fajitas and enchiladas."

You can watch our Chef Todd creating his Thrive Beef Stew.

Seasoned Chicken Slices
Great for making things like Chicken Fajitas - check out our recipe.

"THRIVE Sliced Chicken is made from strips of whole chicken breasts that have been freeze-dried to lock in the fresh taste and nutrients for years to come. Each carefully sealed can of THRIVE Sliced Chicken will last for up to twenty-five so it is ideal for both daily use and long-term storage. THRIVE Sliced Chicken is cut into strips that are just the right size for using in fajitas, salads, pasta, and all your other favorite recipes. Each bite contains beneficial nutrients such as protein, iron, and fiber. With THRIVE Sliced Chicken you will be able to fix creative, delicious, and healthy meals all without the hassle and mess of raw chicken."

Wonderful Fuji Apple Slices
"THRIVE Fuji Apples make the perfect snack, breakfast, or dessert. Just toss them into yogurt or oatmeal for a complete breakfast. Bake them in to warm apple pie, or eat them straight out of the can. All THRIVE Fuji Apples are sliced and freeze-dried so your healthy snack is just moments away."

WHOLE Freeze Dried Strawberries
"THRIVE Whole Strawberries have the wholesome goodness of strawberries picked right off the vine. The unique freeze drying process lets you have strawberries anytime of year. Try using THRIVE strawberries in smoothies and desserts such as pies, cakes, and tarts."

I have very much enjoyed this past year as an Independent Shelf Reliance Consultant.  I have meet so many WONDERFUL new people and have enjoyed getting to know better some of my not-so-new people. 

I LOVE cooking and creating; cooking with THRIVE has been a great experience.  I have learned how to cut down on my prep and cook times, save money and eat healthier than we normally would have when dinner time would have been too rushed to worry about healthy.  

I used my Quicken and pulled my expense report for the prior year's dining out, OK not "dining" as much as "fast food" dining, I was appalled at how much we justified spending! Now looking at my family and seeing the different in our waist lines and our bottom dollar (not) waste ... I am thrilled! It is now faster to create good food than to go out and purchase "fast food"!

I am also much happier knowing that everything in my "Home Store" is GOOD for a very long time and GOOD TASTING! If anything were to happen and we "had to" live off of what is in our pantry I know there will be no added stress as the food we have is a pleasure to use and to eat.

Becoming an Independent Consultant has helped my family stock up a lot quicker than I had ever imagined. I am grateful to have that peace of mind.  I am grateful that I have been able to help others learn more and become more prepared, as well as prepare healthier foods for their busy families. I am grateful to my team, both above me (I have angels above me) and below me (I have GREAT people).

Thank you all!

I truly believe .....

The more we can save money, feed our families nutritious food, prepare ourselves and our friends and neighbors the better off we ALL are.

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  1. Love theh idea of saying thank you to top customers, Francesca! I just might have to copy you!


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