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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thrive Foods at a HUGE markup!

A customer, now friend, called me to tell me what he found on on the web.  He was so upset by this he asked if he could do a blog post for us.  It's sad to see people wasting so much money, so of course I said yes.

John Davidson has been a Thrive Sisters customer for 10 months, now has a six month food store for his family.

I noticed that there are Thrive Foods for sale on Amazon.com available from several Sellers. When I compared their prices to what I would pay if I purchased the same product from a Shelf Reliance consultant I found that the Sellers' price was on average 46% greater than the consultant's price. The smallest difference I found was 25%, and the greatest was an enormous 110%!

All of the packages, below, can only be purchased through a consultant, such as Thrive Sisters.

SR item Description Seller's price SR price Mark up
25342 1 year dehydrated & FD food $1,387.90 $945.84 47%
$1,333.54 41%
25343 6 month dehydrated & FD food $802.10 $550.39 46%
$729.10 32%
25347 Cheese 6 pack $259.99 $185.00 41%
$258.99 40%
$230.99 25%
25352 Protein & wheat package $61.90 $47.45 58%
$61.90 30%
25353 Starter variety pack $95.99 $74.15 29%
25354 Baking essentials pack $129.99 $89.00 46%
$111.99 26%
25355 Ultimate veggie pack $792.99 $378.00 110%
$566.64 50%
25356 Ultimate fruit pack $669.00 $473.28 41%
$606.00 28%
25359 Yoghurt variety pack $243.55 $162.20 46%
$239.99 48%
$229.99 42%
25417 Veggie variety pack $114.88 $67.25 71%
$113.99 70%
All prices as of December 3, 2011

What can we learn from this? You will always get the best price from a Shelf Reliance consultant.

The disadvantages of purchasing from Amazon, apart from the cost, is the lack of support, which is what you will always have with a Shelf Reliance consultant. When working with a consultant you can learn about the Thrive products, have an opportunity to taste and try them, create your own individualized food store of the foods you and your family like, and create a Q for a "pay as you go" plan to spread the payments out to fit your budget. And you will always get the best discounts from a Shelf Reliance consultant.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned above contact Thrive Sisters, and they will help you get the best value for your money.

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