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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Harvester 72 - Great Sale

** As this is now an old post please go HERE to see our current FRS prices.

Shelf Reliance website price $375.58  Retail Outlets price $299.99

Thrive Sister's price $264.99 
(284.98 with shipping) *
Let us help you save money and get organized!

The Harvest 72" is great for food storage and managing your “Home Grocery Store” inventory. With its patented front-loading technology cans automatically rotates for first in first out usage. I personal LOVE the Harvest 72" and I have six of them.  It is the largest, most popular food rotation system offered by Shelf Reliance. The Harvest 72” can be configured with #10 cans or adjusted for different can sizes.  They have the capacity to hold 460 cans of variable sizes or 112 of the #10 cans. This works very well with the THRIVE food color coded cans so you can easily see the food category and group by colors.

Height 72"
Depth 24.5"
Width 36.5"

Can width is adjustable
Small tracks hold up to 15 vegetable size or 17 soup size cans
Medium tracks hold up to 11 medium size cans

To get this special you must contact us and we can answer any questions you may have. 
You can purchase through our on-line store $270.29, not including shipping*. This amount will show in your shopping cart.

* if you can pick up from the Shelf Reliance warehouse you can save the shipping charge.

The more we can save money, feed our families nutritious food, prepare ourselves and our friends and neighbors the better off we ALL are.

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