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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Join Our Team ....

Is NOW really a good time to start your Shelf Reliance business? 

Notice what mother nature is up to? Flooding, earthquakes & hurricanes.  Look around and notice what's going on in the country, in the world. Food prices rising and rising quickly.  See what's happening at the grocery stores and with our farms, our food supply.  Everything around us reminds us that we really need to be prepared. And that we should not be dependent up grocery stores.  Everyone should have enough food, water and emergency supplies on hand, for whatever life throws our way.

One of the good things about THRIVE foods is that not only is it ideal for long term storage it is great for saving time and money with everyday use.  When you can get more nutrients out of your food with no additives plus a long shelf life why would anyone not be interested?

For me, I know I'm doing something honorable by helping others become more self reliant and feeding their family healthier food. I would never have considered selling or becoming a consultant before. I would avoid "parties" whenever possible. They were just not my thing. This is different and different in many ways.

For example, there is no inventory you need to carry. You do not have to gather up and deliver anything.  What you do it teach people what the products are and allow them to see and sample so they know what they would be getting.  I'm a major foodie, so flavor and texture is very important to me.  When I tasted Thrive foods and started cooking with them I knew I wanted everybody to know these items were available.  This is not pushing onto friends and family "something" you are trying to sell to make money.  You are showing everyone what is available and how they can get them at a reasonably price and become more self reliant for their own families. As well as providing you with a nice income and perks. 

One of the major perks for being a Consultant is that you receive commissions AND you receive free product benefits by having your own party. That means you make commission on your own purchases and others that are not associated with another host. Not only that but the "double dip" is available to you as well.  That's how I started out.  I wanted food storage for my own family.  I became a consultant only to help my own family by taking advantage of receiving commission AND free product benefits from having my own party and using the double dip on my next party. "My" first party covered my consultant kit cost. It all added up quickly for me, it was fabulous.

This is NOT a get rich scheme, this is a real job.  But it is a job you have control over. You set your own hours, you decide how much or how little you work.  You decide if you want to just make enough to build up your own supplies or if you want to make this be a full-time money earning job for yourself.  You decide if you want to work by yourself or if you want to build your own team.

There is no magic sales number you need to reach each month. Your only commitment is to have your own monthly Q, which is considered a business expense.

And if that wasn't enough, there is HUGE potential for growth with Shelf Reliance.  They are a solid company that has just recently started selling their products through independent consultants and home parties.  This means you really are in on the ground floor of this opportunity.  Think about companies like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef & Avon, they have millions of consultants and major saturation.  Shelf Reliance, as of May 2011, had less than 4000 consultants. Think about what that means to you for potential!

Training for a consultant is important, therefore your up-line is important.  Who you sign up under is important to your support and success.  Our team has GREAT people and GREAT trainers and training tools available.

To read more about the process of becoming a Shelf Reliance Consultant go to our Thrive Sisters website.

You can also enroll to be a consultant on our website by enrolling here
You will need the following information:
Our enroller ID: 2024
Our email: ThriveSisters@gmail.com

If you would like to contact us before joining Shelf Reliance, please feel free to email us at ThriveSisters@gmail.com

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