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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Holiday SPECIALS!!!!

Now through July 5th, Shelf Reliance has deeply discounted over 30 different products!  
These are BELOW the regular Q-Club prices! 

First  MY FAVORITE SPECIAL - This is a FANTASTIC opportunity!  Those of you who have been contemplating becoming a CONSULTANT now is the time!  
Discounted Consultant Kits!!  

If you have any questions about becoming a consultant please call or email us.  If you want to sign up now start HERE. 

You will need the following information:
My enroller ID: 2024   
My email: ThriveSisters@gmail.com
My cell: 805-813-1265

And finally another announcement we can be EXCITED about!
  6 packs can now be added to your Q!  
Begin your shopping here or call us and we will be happy to help.

The more we can save money, feed our families nutritious food, prepare ourselves and our friends and neighbors the better off we ALL are.

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